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   Petra -  Fairouz Musical Play مسرحية بترا لفيروز

فيروز ، نصري شمس الدين ، وديع الصافي في اسكتش المصالحة

Looloo Musical - Fairouz فيروز في لولو

سفر برلك - فيلم من السبعينات لفيروز

Fairouz - A Queen in Las Vegas

The preparations


Fast Facts

The concert was held in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on the 15th of May '99.
The tickets were sold for: $50, $75, $150 and $300.
There was no tour, Ziad didn't go and there originally were 10,000 tickets for sale.
 The songs performed:
Instrumentals: National American and Lebanese anthems and Abu Ali (Ali was cut from the video)
First segment: Dhawi Yahal Andeel, Atem Ya Layl, Taree' Elnahl and Nassam Alyna Elhawa.
Choir: Haddouni (from Jisr Elamar) and Khayef Koun Eshetek (from Ziad's Sahryie).
Second segment: Ya Ana Ya Ana, Ahwak and Aetini Enay.
Choir: Daloni Ala Enayn Esood (cut from the video) and Ya Bent Elmeawen (both from Ziad's Sahryie).
Third Segment: Mawal Ana Wenta, Ya Henayna, Laylii Betrja Ya Layl, Ya Jisran Khashabian and Sanarjiou Youman.
Fourth Segment: Irjaay Ya Alf Layla, Ya Laylo Esabo, Law Kan Qalbi and Ya Man Hawa.
Instrumental: Sa'aloni Enas.
Choir: Qases Wara'a (from Nas Men Waraa/cut from the video) and Tallou El Siyadi (from Rings for Sale).
Fifth Segment: Arrab Elmoued, Nehna Welamar Jiran, Is'har, Kifk Inta, Khedni and Oudak Ranan.
Sixth Segment: Aa Hadir Elbosta, Lama Elamar Ghab, Iza Elard Medoara, Oghniat Elwada'a and Zorouni.

The Concert

here is the whole concert in case the above video doesnt work

 Alhayat says 16 thousand and Assafir says 12 thousand people attended the concert. The concert was originally intended for 10 thousand fans.  Fairuz broke the record she set for herself in mere two days when the MGM Grand changed concert plans and expanded the arena to its full capacity. People came from all over the world to attend the concert. A lot have said they first heard about it from the Internet. What's most notably great was the presence of Assy and Mansour through all the classics she performed, Ziad through the musical introduction and Kifk Inta and Nasri Shameseddine through Haddouni which the choir performed. That was not just a concert .MGM asked for Fairuz's permission to open the arena to it's maximum capcity because there's an enormous pressure on the ticket sales .

فيروز - مسرحية ميس الريم

Mays El Reem - Fairouz, Nasri Shams El Deen